Rondebosch, Cape Town
South Africa

2nd to the 4th of December, 2011

Expect a delightful blend of innocence and experience, advanced practitioners and students from the worlds of tantra, sex education, shamanism, the healing arts, creative arts, meditation, yoga bodywork, large group awareness work, counseling, sex work, therapy and spiritual awakening.

2011 Theme:

Planetary synthesis ... Integrating duality

Sedona Temple Advait Tantra School


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South Africa, halfway between the Eastern and Western worlds
is a natural laboratory for the synthesis of Oriental and Occidental understanding.

South Africa has always been a cosmopolitan centre of influence and innovation.

It has produced thinkers and activists for the world, among them, Jan Smuts, Gandhi and Nelson Mandela. Of course, it is also where people were invented

South Africa has a very freedom-loving constitution, and is the home of several significant teachers of Tantra and related practices.

This conference is a forum to discuss and share the wisdom on Sexuality and Consciousness that arises from African soil.

The event will host a strong and diverse range of professionals from Africa, as well as presenters and participants from many other continents . This discussion facilitates new learning, as well as an invaluable opportunity for practitioners to stand back and reflect on our practices.

This year's event is hosted in Cape Town, so escape the winter chill, discover new depths of understanding and connect with some of the most loving people on this planet.

After the conference dates, several presenters will be offering groups and workshops. This is also a time of celebration. Plan to stay for as long as you can!


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